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best nclex rn trainer - Anil George

Mr. Anil George MSN Edn, RN

President / NCLEX-RN Trainer

Amid dozens of acclaimed trainers, the NCLEX-RN exam remains a challenge for thousands of candidates, whether they are native or foreign! Here comes the significance of Mr. Anil George, a unique trainer with 24 years of experience teaching the NCLEX. Having graduated from the esteemed College of Nursing, Medical College Kottayam, India, and since completing the CGFNS exam in 2000, he started to train nurses in various cities in India and the Middle East to take the CGFNS/NCLEX-RN exam. Since his migration to the USA in 2004, he continued his journey of NCLEX training without interruption for both native and international students. Mr. George’s inborn flair for teaching, ingrained with the passion for sharing knowledge, has made him an exceptional teacher in the field, bringing success to so many students who couldn’t achieve their NCLEX-RN dream even after multiple attempts.

With his extensive clinical experience in various specialties, his teaching skills have grown even higher. Through obtaining his Masters’ degree in Nursing Education from Grand Canyon University, he became an authority in the field. Mr. George’s innovation of synchronized video classrooms in 2015, way before others started to use the technology, made him a pioneer in the online teaching platforms, through which he could help hundreds of students across the globe at the same time.

Mr. George’s unique ability to explain the complicated content in a simplified manner and his exceptional skill in implementing “concept-based learning” made NCLEX-RN exam a straightforward and predictable exam for his students, with a high success rate. His qualities of humility and empathetic approach to the students have made him an easily acceptable personality, creating a healthy learning atmosphere and making their success more accessible. His openness to accepting suggestions and learning from everyone has made him an expert in the field with exceptional knowledge. Mr. George’s decision to extend his service to assist the candidates through the complicated NCLEX-RN application process became a blessing to many candidates with his highly organized documentation pathway, extreme transparency, and promptness in responses. Through the addition of documentation services, Mr. George’s DiCarmel became an “All in One Solution” for NCLEX dreamers.

Member of the highly reputed

  • Authorized Agent, CGFNS International

  • National League of Nursing (NLN)

  • Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI) Honor Society of Nursing

  • National Association of Indian Nurses of America (NAINA)

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